President: Mr A C WILKINSON
President Elect: Mr M T PRICE
Deputy President: Mr A WHITE
Life Vice Presidents:
Mrs K Bartlett B J Bennett, T S G Crabbe, P Crutcher, Mrs J Drake, E J B Dyke, D E Ford, Mrs T Frost, Mr & Mrs C E Gibbs, C A Green, Mr & Mrs R H Harris, Mrs H Hedge, Mr & Mrs D J Hole, J G Male, D C Masters, F G Matthews, G A Miller, C C Moore, R A Palmer, Mrs R Parr, P W Pollard, P Prideaux, Mrs A J Rossiter, M J Simpson, Mrs V Wilson-Fitzgerald,
J R Woolley

S J BRADDICK, The Show Office, Station Road, Gillingham SP8 4PY 01747 823955

Secretary Designate
James Cox

Assistant Secretary
Mrs H Gould

Board of Directors & Charity Trustees
R G Curtis, V C Evans, K S Harris, D C Masters, P W Pollard, K L Tuffin, R J Young(Chairman)

Show Council
Chairman – R G Curtis
Vice Chairman – G Simpson

Chairmen of Sub-Committees
Cattle – M B Rose, Horses – I M Dudgeon, Sheep – D G Jeanes, Field & Development – C Sanders,
Horticultural– P Wheatley, Membership & Hospitality – Mrs L M Young, Showday – C D Young

Show Council Members

Retire at AGM 2020
B J Bennett, A Clune, I M Dudgeon, V C Evans, K S Harris, T. Harris, Mrs L Harris, E J Highnam, R Hussey,
D Jeffery, D C Masters, A R Miller, P W Pollard, Mrs. J Ridout, A Roberts, M J Simpson, Mrs F Thomas,
Mrs J Trim, P Wheatley Miss H Young.
Retire at AGM 2021
K Beale, C Biggs, R J Cox, T S G Crabbe, M J Crosfield, Mrs H Curtis, Mrs S Hamilton, G A Miller,
Mrs M Millward, M B Rose, T Rossiter, Mrs P Sealy, W Sealy, G Simpson S R Spicer, Mrs G Stevens, K L Tuffin, M J Watts,
C Woods, C D Young, R J Young, Mrs L Young
Retire at AGM 2022
M Cradock, A Doggrell, D Doggrell, Mrs E Flower, P Gould, R H Harris, R J Hiscock, D G Jeanes, P Millard,
Mrs S Miller, T Milligan, M D Perry, Mrs J Powell, Mrs A Rossiter, C Sanders, A G Selway, J Shean, M Trim,
Mrs J Walmsley, C Westbrook, Mrs S Young, S Young
Retire at AGM 2023
S R Brockway, Miss B Cradock, R G Curtis, J Fish, H F Galpin, L Gould, Mrs H Gould, D Harris, C W Highnam, M Hoskins,
K Jeanes,, Mrs D Miller,B Millichamp, D Old, Mrs C Pedersen, Mrs K Price,Mrs J Ridout, Miss L Stratton, LR Tuffin, M Vincent


Board of Directors
B J Bennett, R G Curtis, K S Harris(Chairman), G A Miller, M J Watts, Mrs L M Young

SOCIETY – Family Tree of Committees


M J Watts Secretary Miss B Cradock Treasurers Mrs H Gould, S J Braddick
Committee Members
A Doggrell, Mrs K Doggrell, Mrs E Flower, Mrs A Floyd, D J Harris, Mrs L Harris, Mrs P Sealy, Mrs J Trim, C D Young,
Miss H Young, Mrs L M Young, R J Young