Regulations For Trade Stands

Exhibitors are advised to study the following Regulations and the Health and Safety Policy before completing their Trade Stand Application Form and to retain this sheet for future reference.

  1. Application, Stand Allocation & Position – Sites will be reserved on receipt of a completed Application Form, accompanied by a cheque for the full amount (made payable to ‘The Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show’) The Society will endeavour to site regular exhibitors on the same pitch as in previous years, providing the application is received by 1st. June. New exhibitors will be sited in position to suit the existing layout.
  2. Pitch Size – details of the size of the Trade Stand Units, both on open ground and within Marquees appears on page 3, together with the price structure. Please ensure that you book sufficient space to allow for guy ropes, trailer drawbar, canopies, awnings and racks of stock, which must not project over your boundary line. Traders who need to draw stock from their vehicles must allow enough room to park them within the confines of their stand. If you need to manoeuvre a large vehicle or trailer on to your site, please allow for this or ensure that it is delivered to the site early in the week.
  3. Refunds & Refusals – In the event of abandonment or cancellation of the Show, the Society will make refunds of the booking fee at its discretion. The Society will not be liable for any costs incurred by the exhibitor. The Society reserves the right to refuse any application whatsoever, to refuse admission, or to remove from the site any exhibit which they consider unsuitable, and to restrict noise level as necessary.
  4. Risk Assessment – All trade stands are required to submit a suitable and sufficient risk assessment which should include the set up, operation and break down of their site. The Society reserve the right to refuse entry to the Show if the risk assessment is not submitted or if in the opinion of the Society the risk assessment is not suitable and sufficient for purpose.
  5. Fire – Exhibitors must provide fire extinguisher(s) suitable for the activities that they are undertaking (also see LPG). If electrical equipment is on the stand then a CO2 extinguisher should be available. Fire extinguishers must be located within the stand and be easily accessible, and maintained. Exhibitors must provide a fire risk assessment for their stand and ensure that their staff/volunteers are aware of what to do in the event of a fire. Please ensure that combustible materials are stored away from any ignition source.
  6. LPG – All LPG cylinders must be located outside the marquee/tent in the open air on firm level ground and secure in the vertical position away from any unauthorised interference. Butane cylinders may be stored in the operating area providing that they are situated next to the appliance but away from any heat source, waste or other combustible materials, – spare cylinders, if required, should be stored in a secure area outside. Where LPG/Butane cylinders are being used a powder fire extinguisher should be provided by the exhibitor. Cylinders must not be sited next to emergency exits.
    All gas cylinders must be suitably maintained and tubing should be secured using crimped compression fittings. Where required appliances should have flame supervision devices fitted. Please seek advice from your Gas Safe Engineer. All appliances used on trade stands should have an annual Gas Safe Inspection. Documentation should be available on site. The Society reserve the right to audit this documentation.
    The connection of appliances to the LPG gas supply should be carried out by a competent person, a trained member of staff who can recognise if the connection is faulty or damaged is acceptable.
  7. Third Party Contractors – Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that they employ competent contractors who work in accordance with health and safety legislation. Please ensure that third party contractors are aware that enforcement officers may be present on site and that they or the Show’s Health and Safety Adviser may request copies of their risk assessments/method statements.
  8. The Site – The Showground is a permanent pasture with some internal service tracks, access from the public highway is excellent. The Society can not be held responsible for any damage caused to a site prior to the event. Digging on the site is strictly forbidden and holes for tent supports or displays must be back filled.
  9. Set up & Removal of Exhibits – The Showground is open from Saturday 11th till Sunday 19th. between 9.00am and 9.00pm.( 9.00am to 6.00pm on Saturday & Sunday). The gates will be locked at that time shown every night, no vehicles will be allowed in or out until next morning. Trade stands must, where practical, be completed by 9.00pm on Tuesday evening. In the event of wet weather access will be strictly limited. On Showday no vehicles will be admitted to the Showground between 8.15am and 6.30pm. Any vehicles already on site and not forming part of the exhibit must be removed to the car park by 8.30am. Vehicles must be driven by fully licensed and insured drivers only. A maximum speed limit of 5 mph will apply at all times. NO DISMANTLING of Trade Stands should take place until 6.00pm. Remember the public have paid to see YOU and their safety is paramount.
  10. Details of Show Contractors can be found on page 6. Where services are being booked please indicate on the application form.
  11. Catering – Sale of food and drink, apart from the Food Hall & Farmers Market, No exhibitors are permitted to sell food or drinks without written permission. Catering and Fast Food sites are let by tender, details from the Show Office. All catering operations must comply with Food Safety legislation.
  12. Exclusivity and Franchises – The Society does not operate to any exclusivity or franchise restrictions, but to ensure the best selection of stands, the Society reserves the right to limit the number of traders offering similar products.
  13. Charities – A limited number of sites are offered to local registered charities at a reduced rate, Charity Registration numbers must be included on the application form and will be checked with the Charity Commissioners.
  14. Conditions – Distribution of leaflets is not allowed outside of your stand area. No Auctions, Raffles or Tombola are permitted without written permission from the Organisers, which must be displayed. Demonstrations of small appliances, tools etc. will not be allowed. No exhibitor may call attention to his goods in such a manner to cause annoyance to other exhibitors or to the public, sales by Auction, Dutch Auction, Shouting, the use of amplification equipment or other unsuitable behaviour is prohibited. Anyone breaking this rule is liable to expulsion from the Show.
  15. Litter & Waste – All litter and waste must be properly bagged and placed in the skips provided, failure may incur a ban from future Shows. Grass mowings must be tipped in approved sites, NOT dumped in the hedge or under caravans
  16. Electricity – is available on site by prior arrangement and should be booked direct with the contractor details on page 6. Silent Generators may be used as long as they cause no nuisance to other exhibitors and comply with current H S E Regulations.
  17. Dangerous weapons – The promotion and/or sale of offensive or dangerous weapons or toys such as guns, peashooters, laser guns/pens, knives, catapults and BB guns is strictly forbidden. Any exhibitor found displaying, promoting or selling such items will be removed from the Showground immediately and will not be invited to exhibit at future Shows
  18. Identification & Data Protection – All exhibitors must clearly display on the stand, their Trading Name and Address. The details from the application forms will be retained on computer in the Show Office, but such data will not be passed on to other data banks. The name and address of every exhibitor will be printed in full in the Show Catalogue unless otherwise requested.
  19. Liability – The Society accepts no responsibility for damage or loss to Trade Stands, equipment or vehicles on the Show Ground, nor will the Society accept responsibility for injury to exhibitors, staff and guests. Exhibitors are responsible for conforming with Health & Safety Act requirements and to the Society’s Safety Policy Statement.
  20. Insurance – All exhibitors must provide the Society with a copy of their PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURACE POLICY. Exhibitors are advised to check that their insurance policies in respect of cover for loss, damage & public liability whilst taking part in the Show.
  21. Tickets – Badges & Vehicle Passes will be sent out two weeks prior to Showday. The tickets give access to the Showground, the badges are for identification purposes only and will not give access through the gate. Please check the details within this package, ensure that your stand is the correct size and that you have the number of tickets that you require.

Please also refer to our Safety Policy Statement